Throughout All Ages 15/30 Apologetics

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Throughout All Ages 15/30 Apologetics with Stacey Gaona

Learn how to articulate a defense for how you live your Christian life and counter the culture by weighing the evidence to firmly stand on your Christian principles.

15/30 Apologetics is vigorously setting a pace. We answer the top 30 questions Christian students will be asked to justify by their first year in college.

Like, how did this universe begin? Which God do you believe in and why? Why would you trust an old primitive book written by men? Why would God permit evil? This generation will give an account to the next generation.

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About Stacey Hyatt

Stacey Gaona is a Sandiegan from birth, an enthusiastic event Coordinator, public speaker.  Founders of a non-profit organization TAAM 15/30 Apologetics. Stacey is a bible believing Christian woman, A blessed Mother of three adult children along with six grandchildren. She works with Salem Communicates KPRZ/KCBQ. Perhaps, you're interested in a radio show host platform. she can make that happen. Ambitious in making herself available to proclaim the truth of God's Word. She counts it truly a huge blessing to serve in ministries 


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