Throughout All Ages 15/30 Apologetics

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Throughout All Ages 15/30 Apologetics with Joe Gaona

Learn how to articulate a defense for how you live your Christian life and counter the culture by weighing the evidence to firmly stand on your Christian principles.

15/30 Apologetics is vigorously setting a pace. We answer the top 30 questions Christian students will be asked to justify by their first year in college.

Like, how did this universe begin? Which God do you believe in and why? Why would you trust an old primitive book written by men? Why would God permit evil? This generation will give an account to the next generation.

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About Joe Gaona

Joe Gaona as a devout Christian spent the last thirty years serving in many ministries in the church. Assistant Pastor, Sunday School Director, Bible Study Lead Director, and Worship Director. Joe Gaona & Stacey Gaona Founders of Throughout All Ages Ministries, a non-profit entity. Joe has dedicated his life to being immersed in Theology and Apologetics.

He has spent the last seven years faithfully witnessing on College campuses, beaches, malls, special events. He has taught classes and spoken at churches, schools, conferences, and camps. Joe and Stacey have been married since 1994, with three children who have all grown up.


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