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Noah's Ark // Monday-Friday 9:00 P.M. to Midnight.

Call the show at (858) 535-1210

Sail through your weeknights aboard "Noah’s Ark" and lock into the local ministry "Friendship with God".   Also, as you sail through the night with Noah make sure you catch "Pathway To Victory" with the renown Dr. Robert JeffressNoah will introduce you to other nightly programs, catch the listeners up on station events, and will bring updates to what's going on around the San Diego community. 


Noah Dingley is also the host of “Across The County” Saturday's at 10:30 PM here on KPRZ.  He brings you guests that impact the San Diego community as a whole; sometimes these issues are local non-profits doing good throughout the county and other times they are national issues that also can directly impact our fine city.  He'll mix in authors, entertainment, and you can be sure regardless that you'll be informed on the current times and issues ahead.

About Noah Dingley

Noah is a single father and has a heart and passion for lifting-up kids.  He loves to talk about anything that can benefit the life of a child.  Book authors fascinate him, and much can be learned from hearing their tales.  He often likes to use the phrase, "It's about what matters locally to you."  Also, sail aboard "Noah's Ark" on KPRZ M-F; 9pm - midnight as Noah brings you through various ministry programs (local and national).  Noah enjoys American history, loves the film industry, and is a podcast aficionado.  Noah is host, of "Noah's Ark", and "Across The County" Radio. 


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