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About Bekah V

Bekah V comes from a modest upbringing. Has good memories but also a lot of bad. Rejected and made fun of her whole life following into adulthood made her skin thick but heart broken. She came to know Christ at age 30 never had read the bible before but was baptized with fire and encountered the Love of God so greatly that she never turned back from running the race hard. She's absolutely in love with Jesus, the only one that did not reject her and loved her with a love that could only come from Him.

Her goal is to reach people the religious wont. The people thrown to the waste-side. To love the people most wont. With her life of abuse and the wide range of people she has been around shes able to relate and have compassion on the least of these like her. It doesn't matter what your past was like if your future has Christ. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and she's here to tell you.

Bekah V currently is a Minister that travels around the USA and world with her band leading worship, training worship leaders and teams, preaching the gospel, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons and has a strong prophetic anointing. She also is a recording artist with a wide range of music you can find on all you of your popular media sites.

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