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LOVEHARD Radio is a community in pursuit of God, Love, and Doing Good. If you desire healthier relationships, come join us. Sprinkle Love and Light around the globe. We are LOVEHARD Radio Making the World a Better Place

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About Joyce "J" Ruiz

Joyce J' Ruiz is the founder of LOVEHARD Ministries, however, if you ask her she will say she is the co-founder and that God birthed this through her. The LOVEHARD book series, audiobooks, and apparel are each unique and are created to encourage, uplift and inspire. "J" currently resides in the area of Hollywood, Ca and she is passionate about the lives of other people as well as pets. She is doing great works in sharing with others about God's greatness and inspiring all to be love and light in a world of darkness. "J" has many years of marital experience, loves to cook, is a visionary, author, spoken word artist, radio talk show host, motivational speaker, life coach, fashion designer and the proud mother of two young adult children and twins, Ashley and Ashton.


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