David D. Cajiuat

David D. Cajiuat

Life is filled with both sunshine and storms, but without God’s navigation, souls can easily become spiritually shipwrecked. Anchored in Christ is a weekly broadcast that ministers the Scriptures so that we can know Christ the Savior, and enjoy salvation, security, strength, and stability found only in Him as we set sail through life’s marvelous journey.



Pastor David was born in Baguio, Philippines and was raised in Oxnard, CA. He was saved in Italy at Camp Darby while serving in the United States Air Force. After marrying Charlotte (Samuelson) and returning to California, he answered the call to full time Christian service and enrolled in Ambassador Baptist College, where he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Pastor David and his wife, Charlotte, consider it a privilege to be called by God to serve at Anchor Baptist Church to serve the communities of San Diego, CA since March 29, 2015. They have raised three children, Joshua, Rebekah (Good), and Caleb, who are faithfully serving the Lord.



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