Noah Dingley

Sail on through your late weeknights with Noah’s Ark and tune in to the local Friendship With God, hear special appeals from people that need the love of Christ in the world,  and experience Pathway to Victory w/ Dr. Robert Jeffress; also seen nationally occasionally on cable news.

Noah Dingley is also the host of “Community Focus” weekends here on KPRZ. He brings you guests that impact the San Diego community as a whole; sometimes these issues are local non-profits doing good throughout the county and other times they are national issues that also can directly impact our fine city.

You can also hear Noah Dingley with “Noah’s Ark” during your San Diego late nights;  9 p.m. to Midnight on AM 1210  and FM 106.1 (North County).  He also produces "The Word on Wealth" with Marty Schneider heard on K-PRAISE at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

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Community Focus Radio Podcast, Click Here.

Noah Dingle Podcast, Click Here.



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