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Alabaster Box… of Chicken Sandwiches

We tend to think the stories of the Bible are A) just stories… and B) stories that happened once a long time ago, but never again. Nay, nay weary traveler. Here’s a story for you…

The Abolition of Absolution

We are the generation dictators desired, without values enough to resist, without history enough to defend, without truth enough to reason… without conscience.

Yay, Insufficiency!

Welcome, fools and failures! God knows our potential and He called us anyway. We are exactly the wrong kinda stuff He desires. And there’s more good news…

Faith, Fire… and Football?

Damar Hamlin, stopped and starting hearts… miracles on football fields should look like harvests in spiritual fields. What will we do with this miracle?

Star of Wonder

The wise men weren’t the only ones to see the star. They were just the ones WILLING TO FOLLOW IT.

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