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Travel to Alaska On The Deeper Faith Cruise

9:00 PM on Friday, August 27 - 8:59 PM on Saturday, September 4

Join Alistair Begg and dive into God’s Word, seeking Him together amid this glorious landscape! Experience Alaska from the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship as we travel between and explore spectacular ports. Enjoy fellowship with other believers, world-class dining, worship with Laura Story and Michael O’Brien, and most importantly, opportunities to deepen your faith as Alistair leads us in studying Scripture. 

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America’s cities are burning. Racial tension is boiling over.  A generation is seeking to redefine American culture. The values that made America great are being thrown on the trash heap.

Social Unrest in America is challenging our country’s very soul.  What can be done to reverse the chaos?

Three prominent voices join together to expose the root causes and to offer a  solution: Nationally syndicated Talk Host Dennis Prager, Pastor & Radio Broadcaster Jack Hibbs, and Portland Radio Talk Host Georgene Rice.

Social Unrest in America exposes how radical ideologies are permeating our politics, education, media, and social norms. A perfect storm of events that threaten to dismantle and cancel our culture.  At what point will we stand up and speak up, and preserve our nation?

Watch Social Unrest in America with Dennis Prager, Jack Hibbs and Georgene Rice.


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