Holy Smoke... Deep Pit BBQ & Music

Sunday, September 1, 2019 will mark the 82nd Our Lady of Light Catholic Parish Deep Pit BBQ and community event. The pit will be ignited, 1,500 pounds of local beef will be seasoned and prepared to be cooked in our special Deep Pit the hills of Descanso CA. This year’s theme “Holy Smoke”! Why Holy Smoke? The beef is slowly cooked in our deep pit while sending up heavenly holy smoke! Located in the Cuyamaca Mountains in San Diego County, visitors will have a day full of fun and beautiful forested surroundings. Holy Smoke! The BBQ feast includes deep pit BBQ beef with all the fixings. After dining, a quick stroll over to the apple/ice cream booth top off your meal. It disappears like smoke on a windy day, so you better hurry! Have a beer or soda while listening to the Whiskey Ridge Band get your smokin’ cowboy boots on the dance floor. For the kid’s there is plenty of fun stuff such as crafts and games. Raffle drawings go on all day and the Granddaddy prize is a $1,000 cash drawing! Vendors will entice you to shop till you drop. Grandma’s Attic is back with rootin tootin smokin’ hot bargains.Shop till ya drop. Free parking, shuttle, and admission. No pets 11 AM – 5 PM Our Lady Light Catholic Parish 9136 Riverside Dr. Descanso, CA 91916. email [email protected] www.ourladyoflight.church


Our Lady of Light Catholic Church
9136 Riverside Rd.
Descanso, CA 91916
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