Helix Bible Church

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Our mission and vision as a church are the same as every Christian congregation throughout history and around the world. Because we have been forgiven of our sins, we aim to glorify God through faithful obedience to his Word. This takes place in our life together as a church and our witness in the world around us. In the church, we aim to live in loving gospel community. We do this by speaking God’s word to one another and serving one another. As we do this we are growing together, being trained in the sound words of the Scriptures. A big part of this is the Sunday gathering, but it also happens during the week as we spend time together. In the world around us, we aim to live faithfully in accordance with the gospel. We do this by speaking God’s word, the gospel, to those who do not yet know Christ. We aim to live with evangelistic intentionality, prayerfully pursuing the opportunities that God has given us to talk to people about Jesus. In short, Helix Bible Church aims to glorify God by living together as a church body that will make and train disciples who in turn make and train disciples.



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