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Keep The Faith

Keith & Donna
Keep The Faith 
Keith Stevens & Donna Cruz
Sundays 12:00-1:00 AM
Phone: 1-800-726-4150



keep the faith

Keith Stevens & Donna Cruz

One on One is an incredible collection of inspirational true stories about the “God-moments” that happen in life, just one on one. Don’t you long to go back to when people spent time, invested in others, and developed deeper relationships in life? Social media, texts and Facebook seem to come before actual face time with the ones we love the most. Do you feel as though some of your most treasured relationships have become shallow and loyalty seems to be a thing of the past?

Donna has a passion for helping homeless men, women and children. She and a handful of friends founded a homeless ministry in 2009, Join Donna as she shares stories of hope, comfort, and encouragement each week on Keep The Faith. 

Keith Stevens grew up in Northern NJ listening to legendary AM top 40 radio station WABC and dreamed of one day being on the air. He had a vision to reach millions for Christ in our nation and the world. Listen to Keith Stevens every week on “Keep the Faith” as he shares stories about life and inspires you to live YOUR dreams!


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