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Spiritual Life

3 Foundations for Entering Secular College

Even when students know messages which oppose Scripture must be false, unbiblical messages can still sound incredibly persuasive in the college environment. After all, students often hear these messages repeated by intelligent professors in classrooms where everyone else seems to take those teachings for granted.

4 Ways to Know You’ve Truly Found a Friend

Friend. We use that word to refer to most people in our lives, or rather, that’s what most of us do. But are these people really friends? If you want to better define the relationships in your life, here are 4 ways to know you’ve found a friend.

5 Reasons Jesus Submitted to Baptism

John didn’t want to baptize the one he knew was the Messiah. Instead, he proclaimed his own need to be baptized by the Lamb (Matthew 3:14). Yet this desert prophet did honor the request and Jesus submitted to baptism for these 5 reasons.


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