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7 Things Every Father Should Be Talking about with His Sons These Days

Like any father, mine did great things, and also not so great things. As I continue in my walk with God and mature as a person, the more I realize how adults often suffer from traumas of childhood, from the ones who raised them. Here are 7 things every father should be talking about with his sons these days. 

How to Use DiSC Personality Tests to Empower Leaders

A pastor is a leader who, as a shepherd, leads from within the flock—not from the front—motivating and protecting their pastoral leadership team as they walk with Christ and grow into maturity. Here's how the DiSC personality assessment can help.

5 Habitual Sins Men Especially Struggle With

Whether you are a man, or know a man, there are certain sins all men struggle with. Having a conversation about difficulties in life is always helpful, though men are not known for being as vulnerable with their emotions as women. Once the dialogue can occur, and the emotions come to the surface, real godly change can begin to happen.


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