How to Rekindle Intimacy in Your Marriage

Usually when couples feel disconnected from one another, the root of the problem is intimacy. Spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy is the thread that ties couples together. Even if it fades, God has given us ways to rekindle it again.

6 Things Every Divorced Dad Needs before They Start Dating

As a dad who has been divorced, you are likely experiencing a void in your life, and you may be itching to fill it by finding a good woman with whom to start a relationship that, ideally, will end in marriage. Before you start down that path, however, you need to consider these 6 things.

7 Commitments to Fight the Enemy Together

No matter how that ancient serpent—the devil—is attacking your marriage today, you can fight back. Here are 7 commitments married couples can make to fight the enemy together.

Does Depression Have to Ruin My Marriage?

While walking down the aisle, my husband and I had no idea that depression would take such a toll on our marriage again and again. But even depression doesn't get the last word over God's redemption.


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