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Mark Wahlberg Opens Up about Faith: ‘I Credit All of My Success to My Faith' in God

In Arthur the King, Wahlberg portrays an athlete, Mikael Lindnord, whose team is competing in a grueling adventure race in the Dominican Republic when they encounter a stray dog with major wounds. Wahlberg’s character instantly bonds with the dog, dubbed “Arthur,” but then faces a dilemma: If he helps the dog find a vet, he could lose the race. The movie is based on a true story.

4 Things You Should Know about Ordinary Angels

Sharon is a talented hairdresser with a can-do spirit and a candid tongue. She doesn't take no for an answer. She says what she thinks.She's also an alcoholic with an estranged adult son who resents her for her addiction. She drinks vodka for breakfast. She stumbles home from the bar late at night. Far too often, she covers her personal pain with a drink from the liquor bottle. Her friends try to intervene but have little success.Soon, though, Sharon discovers something that gets her mind off her failures: a newspaper story about a 5-year-old girl who is critically ill and whose mother recently died. Sharon can't get the story out of her head. She attends the funeral. She launches a fundraiser. She reaches out to the father. Of course, Sharon doesn't personally know the family. She just wants to help a neighbor in need."We all need to find meaning and purpose outside ourselves," she tells a friend. Will Sharon's assistance make a difference? And can she get her life back on track?The new faith-based movie Ordinary Angels (PG) tells the uplifting story of Sharon, her new friend Ed, and his family.Here are four things you should know:Photo credit: ©Lionsgate; used with permission.

11 New Christian Movies You'll Want to Watch in 2024

The phrase "Christian movie" is becoming increasingly difficult to define.Does it only reference a movie with a strong gospel message, like Billy Graham movies from long ago? Or can it also include movies that don't quote Scripture but have biblical themes -- like forgiveness and redemption? And what about all those movies made by Christian filmmakers -- and even backed by faith-based studios -- that are void of sermons, though inspiring?For this list, we're including all of the above.The new year promises to be a solid year for Christian movies. It could be the best year ever. Angel Studios has an impressive slate. So does Kingdom Story Company. And the makers of War Room have a new movie, too. From what I've seen, 2024 raises the bar for excellence in the Christian film genre.Here are 11 new Christian movies we're excited about for 2024:
Photo credit: ©GettyImages/batuhan toker

7 New Family Movies and TV Shows Streaming in January

Thankfully, the major streaming services have plenty to offer this month for families who are stuck inside. Netflix and Disney Plus have a few new titles. So do Great American Pure Flix and Bentkey. There's even a new Christmas movie on home video.

The 10 Best Family Movies of 2023

The year included impressive family content during the spring (Super Mario), the summer (The Little Mermaid), the fall (PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie), and the Christmas season (read on to discover those). The year also included a solid list of family-centric streaming movies -- several that can be enjoyed by small kids and big kids alike.

4 Lessons C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Can Teach Us in Freud’s Last Session

Sigmund is an aging man known as the world's leading atheist. His books on psychoanalysis are read worldwide. His books are studied in classrooms, too.Sigmund is also a dying man who wants to spend one of his final days chatting with the world's foremost defenders of Christianity -- a man known among acquaintances as "Jack."Perhaps neither man will convince the other. Nevertheless, Sigmund believes it would be a delightful conversation. Thus, Sigmund (that's Sigmund Freud) invites Jack (that's C.S Lewis) over to his house for a midday chat.How will it go?The new movie Freud's Last Session(PG-13) tells the story of an elderly Freud debating and even befriending a young Lewis in the late 1930s as war spread across Europe. The plot is likely fictional, although in real life, Freud did meet a young, unnamed Oxford professor shortly before he died. ("We will never know if it was C.S. Lewis," the film says.) It is based on a stage play and a book and stars Anthony Hopkins as Freud and Matthew Goode as Lewis.The film has plenty of gospel-centric lessons for our supposedly modern culture. Here are four:Photo credit: ©Sony; used with permission.

3 Things Parents Should Know about Migration

Mack is a loving mallard who says he only wants what is best for his children. He’s also a father who does things, well, a little different. Mack doesn’t believe ducks should migrate. It’s too dangerous, he says. His kids might get hurt, he says. Besides, his New England pond is too beautiful to leave.“It’s a stupid idea.”But then his two children -- son Dax and daughter Gwen -- meet a few ducks who do migrate. These ducks describe a tropical paradise with sun and sand. It’s warmer there. It even has bananas!“You will love migrating!” one of the ducks tells Dax and Gwen.But can they talk their father into it?The new film Migration (PG) follows the charming story of dad Mack, mom Pam, and their two kids as they take along Uncle Dan and embark on their first-ever family trip south to Jamaica. It stars Kumail Nanjiani as Mack, Elizabeth Banks as Pam, Danny DeVito as Dan, and Awkwafina as a pigeon named Chump.Here are three things parents should know:Photo credit: ©Illumination; used with permission.

5 Questions for Neal McDonough about Faith, Family, and His ‘No Kissing’ Stance

You've mentioned previously that you would not kiss anyone on screen. When, during your career, did you begin taking that stance?From the beginning of my career, I said I would not. [But the ABC series] Scoundrels wanted me to do it. And I said no. And they said, "Well, we'll fire you." And that didn't end well. So, for a couple of years, I couldn't get a job after that because everyone thought that I was this religious zealot. I lost everything.

5 Christmas Movies with Christian Messages

Christmas movies are fun to watch throughout the Christmas season. We can choose from many different movies to celebrate Christmas in entertaining ways. But some Christmas movies go beyond just fun entertainment by featuring Christian messages that relate to the true meaning of Christmas. These movies can inspire us to move closer to God during Christmas. So, get some eggnog and popcorn ready, and gather your friends and family to watch these 5 Christmas movies with Christian messages:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Anastasiia Yanishevska


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