The Bachelor's Madi Prewett Discusses How She Stands Firm in Her Faith

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Madi Prewett:
So I came into college with as many questions as I had in high school, really asking, you know, where do I fit in? How do I belong? How do I get guys' attention? How do I make other people love me and want me and accept me ... a lot of questions that I feel like a lot of us wrestle with because we all want to be loved. We all want to be known. We all want to feel like we belong. And so I came into college really, you know, thirsting for those things, but looking for it in a sorority, looking for it in friendships looking for in guys. And I found myself, you know, just going out with my friends. And even though I still was trying to be the Christian girl, and I wasn't drinking, and I wasn't doing all these things, you know, I still was surrounding myself with these crowds of people and finding myself, you know, maybe dressing a little bit differently, talking a little bit differently, flirting with a bunch of guys. And I just remember one night, all my friends went out and I stayed back alone in my dorm room.

And this was at the end of my first semester of my freshman year of college. And I just had this moment with the Lord where I was like, I feel like when I was younger, I used to know you. And I feel like I used to know me, like I used to know myself, I used to know why you made me the way that you made me. And I was confident in that. And I wasn't thirsting for it in guys, or in people or in validation or in accomplishments, because I was so confident in who you called me to be. And I want to get back to that place again. And I just had that moment of just crying and asking the Lord like I'm sorry for making you this religious figure, I'm sorry for making it all about rules. And what my family thinks about you like I want to get back to a place where it's you and me. And we have our own personal relationship.

And so you know, there wasn't this like big massive thing. I think it was just honestly getting away from my friends and from the environment I'd been in surrounded by and really just taking time to get alone with the Lord and kind of quieting all the noise and asking myself hard questions. I went to a school in Auburn and then in high school, and then I went to Auburn University for college. So a lot of my friends from high school went to college with me. And I watched as a lot of them started to change themselves and started to compromise and started to settle and started to become someone that I knew they weren't called to be. And so I knew I was at this tension point, right? Like, I was like, Okay, I'm watching as it's quote, unquote, working for them. Like they're getting the attention from guys. They're fitting in with a cool crowd. But I'm also watching as they're more anxious than they've ever been. They're more discontent than they've ever been. They're comparing themselves more; they're compromising more.

And so I knew I was at this tension point of well, I could just do that to also fit in and to also have more friends or to also be a part of the cool crowd. Or I could, you know, choose what I really am looking for, choose a life that can only be satisfied by Jesus. And so I was at that crossroads, and I just was alone in my dorm room one night, and I was like, okay, I know, I'm going to be faced with temptations and pressures in college, that, you know, I don't have my parents here to be like, no Madi or Yes, Madi, you know, it's me, it's me, I'm alone. Like, Lord, it's me. And I just remember being like, I want to be who you've called me to be. And I want to get back to that place with you like I was when I was eight years old. And I was going up to people being like, do you know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you know, and, and I was so bold in my faith, and I was so confident in who he called me to be. And I just, I remembered what that felt like. And I wanted to get back to that place. And then, from that moment forward, I was just so on fire for Jesus.

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the love everybody wants book image by Madison PrewettMadison Prewett Troutt earned her Bachelor of Science in communications from Auburn University in 2018 and earned her certificate in ministry in Pastoral Leadership through Highlands College in 2018. She went on to serve with the Church of the Highlands’ Creative Team, became the news and spokesperson for the church, and helped lead the college ministry. Madison started her career working as a Foster Parent Recruiter in Birmingham, Alabama in 2019, where she recruited and trained Foster Parents in the Foster Care System. Madison made her TV debut on the Price Is Right in 2018 and won a whopping $8,000! Although, that wasn’t her last time on TV! Madison was a finalist on Season 24 of ABC’s The Bachelor. After making it to the very end with the bachelor, they both agreed to go their separate ways a few days after the show ended. Madison has been involved in many outreach programs, including: Adullam House, Sozo Children, Orphanage Emmanuel, Haddie’s Home, Big House Foundation, LA Dream Center and Auburn Dream Center. Madison describes herself as extroverted, passionate, and strong. She thrives most when she is being challenged by others and when she is also able to challenge those around her.

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